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Problem Part Solutions

Most people don’t realize that many of the ‘metal’ parts they come in contact with every day are actually molded plastic items that have been plated or metalized. ABS, and a couple other select plastics can be electroplated or vacuum metalized to look, feel and reflect light like solid metal parts.

Quality requirements for these type components are high. The surface finishes must be excellent because the metal coatings amplify any imperfections. In addition, high stress areas in parts can cause problems if components see varying temperatures.

Typically, these parts are common in the automotive, plumbing and cosmetic industries. Automotive trim such as hubcaps, grills, etc may be chrome plated while headlight buckets and other light reflecting parts may be plated or metalized.

Tri-Tech has a wealth of experience with these type parts through our history of supplying the plumbing and cosmetic industries with quality components. Pictured here are several examples of chrome plating, and one hexagonal Winston Cone which has been metalized with a thin coat of aluminum to catch light for experiments performed by Rutgers University.

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