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Problem Part Solutions

Jack Housing

This is a Jack Housing. When Thomas and Betts’ Tulsa division had a molding problem, they came to Tri-Tech Tool. The previous vendor of this Ethernet connector had trouble consistently making the .12 polycarbonate ribs incorporated in the part. Either these ribs molded short, or packed in the part so tightly they pulled out upon mold open.

We encountered the same problems initially!

The solution involved three aspects

  • From the tooling perspective, we redesigned the construction of the rib insert to allow for wire EDM construction. Wire EDM allowed the maximum draft and made a two-piece construction possible. This permitted vents to be added at the bottom greatly reducing the polish requirement.
  • Next, we researched materials. We had our resin compounder develop double lubricated, 20 melt, V-O polycarbonate specifically for this application.
  • Even with our improvements in tooling and materials, we found that our hydraulic equipment did not possess the accuracy necessary to produce this component consistently. We finally moved the mold to one of our Milacron Roboshot(TM) all-electric molding machines, one of the most precise in the industry. Now, we are molding thousands of trouble-free parts in various complexities.

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