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Are you molding undercuts?

This is a mascara wiper made for a major cosmetics manufacturer. The part appears quite ordinary until you take a closer look and discover it is molded with no cams, lifters, or other costly tooling. Those three huge undercuts are pulled right out of the cavity with no actions.

The manufacturer first approached Tri-Tech when they encountered problems with their existing vendor. The part was being compression molded from natural rubber in a tool with over 100 cavities at 10 minute cycles. These parts were expensive, the quality was poor, and the manufacturer constantly had some cavities under repair that further increased cost.

Tri-Tech developed a system of molding those undercuts in synthetic rubber (Santoprene(TM)). We were able to develop a system of opposing undercuts and mold-open timing. This allowed us to produce a mold at a small fraction of the cost of tooling with traditional cams, and actions. We provided a prototype mold to prove our concept, and 16 cavity tooling for production. We have supplied over 25 million components since receiving the job in 1998. In that time, we have never increased our price, or charged our customer for any tool maintenance.

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