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Industries We Serve

Fluid Handling
Our customer, one of the world’s largest makers of plumbing fixtures and fittings needs consistently reliable high-pressure components to build their great products. Another requires precision flow metering devices for critical medical products. These companies depend on us, Tri-Tech Tool for innovation in molds, mold maintenance and finished molded parts.

We specialize in making complex, close tolerance precision plastic parts. We design the molds, make all mold systems on premises and offer full-service plastic part production. Engineers and product designers depend on our experience with high and low pressure/flow fluid systems found in production processes, domestic and commercial water systems and healthcare equipment.

Custom and Innovative Packaging
Cosmetic packaging is a perfect example of creative small products that must be both attractive and perform dependably. Cosmetic manufacturers and others who design highly visible, packaging for iconic brands utilize the creative talents at Tri-Tech Tool to bring their concepts to production.

Package designers work directly with our engineering and mold making staff. As progress is made we provide recommendations on materials and mold making options that have contributed to further enhancing product features.

When hardware makers come to us it’s usually to solve a problem. And we’ve helped a number of high profile manufacturers solve more than a few part making problems. The big parts get a lot of attention, but it’s the precision requirements in small parts that generally challenge the production planners or quality control team.

In electronic parts like a simple strain relief on a cable connector, a number of designed objectives are built in one small part. Most of the time, the solution to a small part problem comes down to a mold modification, design adjustment, or a different material formulation.

Medical Products
Products made for healthcare applications are another specialty area where Tri-Tech Tool & Design has significant qualifications. Our ISO 9000 Certification is just one of the many professional designations that attest to our conscientiousness. Our medial parts experience is an asset to manufacturers with part design
and materials requirements that must meet FDA guidelines.

Device manufacturers use Tri-Tech Tool for trial design concepts and annual production runs. We make prototype and production tooling, have parts ready in days, and maintain all inventory requirements. Smaller manufacturers managing short production runs appreciate our fully amortized tooling program. Here mold costs are repaid as a function of the per piece cost.

Mechanical Equipment
OEMs, contract part resellers, independent designers and inventors avail themselves of our technical plastics knowledge and eager collaboration. It’s the small parts that cause disruptions, are a sourcing challenge, and come back sooner than later in premature failures from bad quality – or bad decisions.

From harness retainers in auto part assemblies to precision gears used in pneumatic solenoid valves, there are many material and production tolerance specifications that must be considered to assure fitness. Enjoying over four decades serving the needs of mechanical device manufactures, our fully amortized tooling program, mold making intuition and problem solving ability can be applied to address your particular precision small part problems.

Whether it’s an innovative exterior packaging solution or a new way to deliver a medication the innovators at Tri-Tech Tool have probably done it before. Our engineers and mold makers work directly with compounders in laboratory environments to brainstorm ideas for packaging solutions.

One of the most creative examples is a cap innovation for a veterinary product. The dual purpose cap incorporates a novel piercing pin to open the tube. Then the flexible, extended tip-applicator gets in under pet fir to deliver the product directly to the affected area.