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A superior flush valve

American Standard Brands is a leader in plumbing fixtures, fittings and hardware. Their chinaware products include toilets and urinals found in homes and buildings all over the world. Even with commercial fixtures comprising a significant portion of their sales, until 2008 every one of American Standard’s commercial chinaware products relied on a third party flush valve.

When it became clear to company executives that a significant amount of revenue could be captured by developing their own flush valve, American Standard turned to us – again! As a consistently reliable supplier for many years, Tri-Tech Tool & Design was chosen as a design partner and part vendor for the project.

American Standard Brands has a network of vendors worldwide. In choosing Tri-Tech for the project the company cited its years of confidence in our expertise, proximity to the New Jersey-based engineering staff, and favorable pricing.

Among our activities in assisting the engineering and procurement team for the Selectronic(TM) Flush Valve, Tri-Tech provided material recommendations and tool designs to assure the tight tolerances necessary for consistent flush volumes at a variety of supply pressures. In addition, Tri-Tech developed a specialized sonic welding assembly process utilized in production of the valve piston.

A consistently reliable design resource and component part producer – Every Selectronic(TM) Flush Valve in service today has a piston and holder molded by Tri-Tech Tool & Design.

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