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Problem Part Solutions

Flow Controller

This part is used in a medical device. It has the ability to indicate extremely small flow rates. We mold this item in K-Resin for standard applications, or gamma stable Acrylic for applications requiring radiation sterilization.

The item was designed and proven by Tri-Tech. We started from a “napkin sketch” concept that our customer presented. Both prototype and production tooling was designed and built at Tri-Tech Tool. The item is molded in halves and ultrasonically welded together.

Typical production requirements are 2,200 piece runs, about 30,000 units a year. We produce these parts for our customer with lead times from 1 to 5 days. Tooling costs were fully amortized into the piece price (free tooling). Tooling is guaranteed, and our customer pays NO mold maintenance OR repair costs. Our price for this item includes all 3 moldings and ultrasonic assembly.

For more information or details on how Tri-Tech Tool can develop a plastic mold making solution for you, call Bill Weber now at 732-469-5433 or contact us online.