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Mold Engineering & Design

From napkin sketches to successful high volume products

Our Mold Engineering and Design Company Will Take You From Concept to Production

You can count on our expertise throughout the entire process of designing and engineering your mold and making your injection molded parts. From proving out uncertain designs at the start to running pilot production at our New Jersey facility or yours, Tri-Tech will ensure your product launch runs as smoothly as possible.

Tri-Tech Tool & Design has extensive expertise at all levels of small part mold design and mold engineering, making it easy for us to tailor our process to your unique applications. No matter what those needs are, we have the advanced tools and years of proven expertise to fulfill them. You get a complete solution each and every time from an invested team of innovators.

Mold Design

Tri-Tech Tool & Design employs CAD software to develop the most effective designs and CNC machine programs using leading software, including:

  • Creo Elements formally Pro-Engineer(TM)
  • SolidWorks(TM)
  • MasterCam(TM)
  • AutoCad(TM)

As a one-stop resource for precision injection small plastic parts, we have the capabilities to help you visualize the product throughout the design and engineering phases, and we can offer you a custom selection of prototyping methods:

  • Engineering drawings
    To begin your project, we will assist in mapping out exactly what your design need is and how to engineer it through a succinct design plan.
  • SLA and solid models
    Get an idea of the look, feel and functionality of your mold with a Stereolithography (SLA) or solid model.
  • Prototype molding
    Before production, we will prototype the product to assure production functionality.

Mold Engineering

When it comes to injection molded parts, most customer requirements are unique. We have the small part experience and extensive hardware to properly engineer and prototype various mold design concerns, such as snap fits, welded joints, thread designs and more.

Read our Innovation Stories to see how we have helped our customers solve their design and engineering problems.

Along with our expertise in design and engineering, you will benefit from our expert services in mold making and precision injection molding.

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Although our mold engineering, design and mold making company is located in New Jersey (NJ), we serve businesses throughout the northeast (NY, PA, CT, DE) and across the globe.

All of our custom mold designs and actual molds are created in the USA at our New Jersey (NJ) facility, close to NY, PA, CT and DE

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